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We are a real family of aviation businesses. All of our companies are related to aviation. Our mission: maintain high standards in aviation education, work around the clock, fly around the world, and create something never created before.

FlyDreams Training Center — part 142 training center, which strives to provide the highest level of education for airline pilots, including Airbus and Boeing type ratings. ATP Academy is one of the projects of FlyDreams Training Center designed especially for the US and foreign airline pilots who need additional type rating or upgrade to FAA ATP level.

SkyEagle Aviation Academy — part 141, FAA-approved flight school located in Fort Lauderdale Executive airport. Provide the highest educational standards for pilots from ZERO to CPL level (AB Initio training). As well as an ATP-CTP program.

We are selling, buying and leasing airplanes. We can help you to find YOUR airplane and acquire it for the best price. During the last 4 years, we have sold more than 15 aircraft all around the world. Our planes are in China, Ukraine, Europe, and the even Mariana Islands.

We believe that the best way to explore the World is to explore it from the air. We know how to make your journey unforgettable.

SkyEagle Tours can offer you sightseeing flights over South Florida, taking in the shoreline and skyscrapers of Miami. 30 min, 45 min, 60 min flights available for groups of 3 people everyday, anytime.

ATP Academy is the premier aviation institution offering programs for Commercial and Airline pilots. Our main program is the ATP-CTP; additionally, we offer ATP Single and Multi-Engine ratings, ATP Helicopter, ATP foreign license conversion, and type ratings.

We are big fans and enthusiasts of aviation. We love to fly airplanes and helicopters in different ways. The Extra 330LX is not only an airplane — it is a dream. Dreams come true when we take you up in the air for the aerobatic challenge!

As you can see our focus is Aviation. We have passion and motivation to develop aviation projects because we love it!

Let’s create partnership and push this World above the limits together!

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Andrey Borisevich

CEO, Development Manager

FlyDreams Aircraft – dynamic developing aviation company in the USA.

FlyDreams Aircraft Corporation was founded in 2014 in the USA and has not stopped growing since.

We started with the acquisition of SkyEagle Aviation Academy in 2015. A number of projects have been undertaken successfully since then to bring today’s FlyDreams Aircraft Corporation to the public.

Now we are a multicultural, multilanguage, world wide Aviation Corporation, which is able to provide education services, aircraft charter and brokerage, aircraft sales and delivery, and much more all around the world.