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Florida 1-2 Days Tours & Private Charters

Flydreams LLC is a new charter company, which has one new, modern aircraft in its fleet. A charter company can carry passengers and/or cargo from point to point, as requested by clients, on the clients’ schedule on our brand new Cirrus SR20 aircraft.

All routes begin conditionally from Fort Lauderdale, but the plane can fly anywhere in Florida (Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Opa Loka, Naples, etc.). Routes can be one-way (Miami – Key West), can be one-day (typical order for tourists), for example, in the morning Miami – Key West, in the evening back Key West – Miami. The same with an overnight stay. See some prices below.

Sightseeing tours

Sightseeing fligth over Miami area and shoreline

We can offer you short sightseeing flights over Miami area. We have 35 minutes, 45 minutes and 60 minutes flights available eveyrday.

One of the best flight experience is VIP-tour on brand new Cirrus SR20 with A/C, music and bottle of champaign. Only $399 per tour, you can take up to 3 persons. This is the best gift to your birthday, engagement, annual or any family event! Gift certificates availavble!

You can find more details and make your reservation on website:

Air Adventure

Long distance Air Adventure and traveling!

Since 2014 we are providing with high quality organizing and creation of unique aviation experience for pilots, student pilots and enthusiasts.

Air Traveling on a small plane or helicopter – very unique, specific and expensive adventure. But it worth! We have hundreds of flight hours in airplanes and helicopters flying around the world. We did Air Tours over Europe on helicopters, we did cross Atlantic ocean on single engine airplane, we flew from Florida to Alaska and back in a small Cirrus SR20 and finally we did Around The World trip on Cessna 182! We can show you the whole world from 1000 feet above the Earth.

You can see some recent Air Adventures below. If you interested – send us email to

Recent Travels

Fort Lauderdale - Key West - Fort Lauderdale May 5, 2017

October 13, 2011

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